Impact of a developmental language disorder : steps toward remediation

Originally published May 3, 2017 , and republished with permission on my personal site. Several impacts inevitably stem from developmental language disorders (#DLD123) or delays. However there are options to make the most of interventions with children whose success in school is affected by these types of impairments. The goal of this post is […]

Oral language difficulties discriminate against no one : good oral language skills can positively impact school achievement

The relationship between oral and written language has long been documented[i]. In fact, 40 to 75% of students with oral language difficulties also have issues when learning to read[ii]. Writing development is considerably delayed in students with oral language difficulties[iii]. These poor oral language skills often result in limited academic achievement in all subjects of […]

Dictations: to give or not to give ?

Dictations have been a long-standing tradition associated with learning to write in grade school. It has long been thought to promote mastery of grammar and syntax. For many years, dictations have been used as a means of assessing children’s academic performance. Many adults remember being rewarded for their errorless dictations, as children, by receiving stickers […]

What’s in a spelling mistake? Tips to help identify different types of spelling mistakes in order to reduce their frequency

(This post was previously published on September 22, 2015 on Chantal Mayer-Crittenden’s blog, and cross-posted with permission.) If we were dropped off on a deserted island void of alphabet, written words, signs or messages, we would never learn to write, nor would have the need to. Social beings that we are, we would, however, inherently […]

Introductory post

Language. It’s how we think. It’s how we communicate. It’s how we relate. Whether language is oral (i.e. speaking and understanding), written (i.e. writing and reading), signed, gestured, explicit (direct), implied (indirect), the very nature of language is all-encompassing. One thing remains: language is language. Let it be oral or written, the two are inextricably […]

Language From Head to Toe

Welcome to my blog: Language from Head to Toe ! What is the purpose of this blog, you ask? My goal is to encourage each and every person who interacts with children and adults with written and oral language difficulties to have a more mindful approach to intervention. Intervention is teaching and teaching is intervention. […]